• Vi översätter till 80 olika språk.
  • Det är enkelt och säkert att beställa en tolk.
  • Erfarenhet, kvalitet och pålitlighet är grunden för vårt arbete.
  • Erfarna och mångsidiga tolkar över både språk- och kulturgränser.
  • Vänlig och snabb kundservice.






On-site interpreting takes place between the municipal or state authority and the client in the presence of the interpreter. The interpreter arrives to a given place at a certain time and translates the conversation between two or more people, depending on the case. The biggest advantage of in-site interpreting is that the interpreter is able to convert not only words but also facial expressions and gestures of those involved. As a result, the risk of miscommunication is minimal.


Telephone interpreting is oral translation without the physical presence of the interpreter. It is a fast, convenient and inexpensive alterative to traditional on-site interpreting. Telephone interpreting is a good choice when there is an acute need for interpreting, the client speaks an exotic language, or the topic is a simple one. In practice, telephone interpreting is conducted by using the phone’s loudspeaker.


Online interpreting establishes a sound and video connection between the interpreter and the individuals wishing to speak to one another. It features the advantages of both in-site and telephone interpreting. Online interpreting is becoming more and more popular due to technological advancements. Online interpreting is conducted with the help of a tool preferred by the client, for example Skype, Google Talk, WhatsApp or FaceTime.


Conference interpreting takes place, for example, during business negotiations, official and unofficial visits, and meetings between international delegations. Conference interpreting is performed either as consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. In consecutive interpreting, the message is conveyed in parts so that the speaker makes breaks every couple of sentences. In simultaneous interpreting, on the other hand, interpretation is produced simultaneously with the speaker. The interpreter works in a soundproof booth, and the interpreting is transmitted to listeners via headphones. Depending on the occasion, whispered interpreting (with or without special equipment) can also be an efficient mode of interpreting.

Employment Opportunities

We are constantly looking for new interpreters and translators to join our team. You are the right person if you have professional training in translation or interpreting, some related work experience, and you know you are good at working with people. Send your CV and cover letter to rekrytointi (at)

About Us


Dosti translation agency is a Finnish social enterprise providing professional translation and interpretation services. Our interpreters are experienced specialists with multi-disciplinary vocabulary and experience working in both the private and the public sectors.
Our translators are familiar with diverse sets of special vocabulary, and the translations are always produced or proof-read by native speakers. We also provide juridical counselling for private and business clients. We offer professional, flexible and client-oriented services that always come with satisfaction guaranteed. We are looking forward to working with you!