Dosti provides translation services and proof-reading in all of our languages. We have many professional translators specialised in different areas of special vocabulary. We provide translations in diverse and specialised fields. Translations are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Planning and editing the content of your text

In addition to translating a text, you can also take advantage of the expertise of Dosti’s specialists in editing and content production. We are happy to check and edit different kinds of text content, such as description for company’s web site or texts written by users, quickly and cost-effectively. Text content editors help to improve the user experience of your website and attract more visitors.

Examples of services that Dosti provides in different languages:

  • Planning a multilingual content for a company or different users
  • Accurate categorisation of products in different languages so the customer can easily find what he is looking for
  • Flagging messages due to improper language use of picture content
  • Providing text content
  • et cetera …

Dosti contact information

  • Hitsaajankatu 6, 00810 Helsinki
  • 040 515 6631