Booking an interpreter

Booking an interpreter

You can book an interpreter quickly and conveniently by calling our office, sending a text message, writing an e-mail or filling in this form.

  • By phone (we are available 24/7) or text message: +358 40 515 6631
  • By e-mail:

We recommend you book an interpreter by e-mail if the interpreting takes place in three days or later. If you need interpreting for the same or the next day or you have any questions or special preferences, please phone us to make a booking.

When booking an interpreter, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of the person requesting an interpreter
  • Contact details of the person requesting an interpreter
  • Name and date of birth of the interpreting client
  • Language (dialect, if applicable)
  • Where will the interpreting take place? (please provide the exact address)
  • Date and time of the interpreting (Remember that a conversation through an interpreter usually takes twice as long)
  • Billing address, if different than the place of interpreting
  • Topic of the interpreting in detail (please feel free to send us material related to the interpreting in beforehand – this will help the interpreter to prepare for the task)
  • Any preferences regarding the interpreter: male/female, an interpreter you’ve worked with before, etc.

Dosti contact information

  • Hitsaajankatu 6, 00810 Helsinki
  • 040 515 6631